Day 3 of Bay Area Shelter in Place

It’s only the beginning, not sure when the end will be?  Supposedly April 7th, everyone here is scrambling to keep their jobs/businesses (in our case).

This is not a popular blog, there’s a limited tracker on it from wordpress that just tells me what country is viewing.  When I did my first blog before the election I’d get a few hits from Russia with little notes at the bottom saying “Vote for Trump” from blogspot.  Then when he somehow won, it had a congrats banner.  My (sometimes only) hits now are coming from China, even before all this.

I’m not sure what that means and I’m not going to draw any conclusions from it, it’s just that I didn’t mention it or take a screenshot of it on my last blog when it was sort of weird?

It’s a ghost town here, finally got out for a long walk yesterday around the ‘hood.  Anyone who was out kept their distance, as if we all had the plague.  We have a drive through Starbucks close by, it was closed when I went there.  Instead, I went into CVS for some milk and waited in line.  People were walking out with their precious 4-pack of TP.  The guy behind me in line had one of each; TP, paper towel & Kleenex.  I joked he was getting his rations.  When he got to the counter, they said only one paper product…as if he was a hoarding criminal.

What a difference a week makes??

I’ve limited my news to just the 8p news so I’m not freaked out all day.  One of the things about the Seattle nursing home outbreaks was that the nurses were carrying it from one nursing home/assisted living facility to the other.  Great, our health care industry is the one that’s spreading it (there anyway).

My mom was once diagnosed with a heart murmur.  She told the Dr. she must have gotten it when she walked in the door, she didn’t have it before that.

The schools are closed until at least Fall now, my niece has been told to pack her things at her college dorm and go home.

In the meantime, I wrote a little Haiku in utter boredom…


Outlet oh outlet
sparking our light in the night
keeping laptop alive

This is only day 3….AHHHHHHHHHH


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