Day 4, going to be a long haul

The first Bay Area shelter in place was a 3 week stint.  Last night all of California got  walloped with a longer sentence.  Instead of April 7 it’s now April with really no end date.

But that’s not what’s getting to me, it’s my friends and my son in New Mexico that we can’t get to.  Specifically the woman who was here sailing with me last week that headed home to work ungodly hours at Trader Joe’s in San Diego right in the middle of the hoarding.  If anyone is suseptable, it’s her.  I wish they would at least test these grocery store employees who are now on the front lines.  She’s worry #1.

Then my friend who I went to Mexico with, not for getting sick, just because her world is crashing down.  Her child care closed, she’s a call nurse from home that was set up before she had the baby.  The child care wants her to keep paying so they can pay their employees, yet her boss just told her it’s in her contract to have child care.  She called me in tears last night, not knowing what to do.

I told her the supervisor would be an idiot for letting a call center nurse go right now, especially in Seattle.

It sounds absurd to mention these women I sailed with last week and went on a nice vacation with now?  My life has considerably changed in a matter of weeks.  I have boys, these are my adopted daughters that I’ve known for years.  As for my adopted son/pilot that I’ve been spending a ton of time with so he could get his hours for the airlines…he was sent home from training the other day with no job in sight.

Finally, my niece is staying here tonight on the way home from her college dorms.  Her brother will miss his senior year, prom, graduation.  Then it’s total isolation for me when she leaves.

The climate around here is creepy.

Today is making a mask for my H who’s going to drive to New Mexico to pick up my youngest son and his dog.  We went round and round with a plan his neighbors approved of (self quarantined with pre-existing conditions).  The conclusion was, my H is taking my big ass truck for a drive by pick up.  They’ll sleep in the truck on the way there and the way home.  At this point, without testing, you pretty much have to assume everyone has it until proven otherwise.

Once my niece and my son are safely home, I will calm down.  Then we can just sit it out and hope that financial ruin doesn’t hit before the CV.  Fun times, peace out.


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