Day 5: Our lives are changed for awhile

Before 9/11, my mom had retired then worked 2 jobs.  She was still substitute teaching, then she got a job with American Airlines again in the unaccompanied minors section.  She had been a stewardess in the late 50’s, early 60’s and had to quit when she got married.  When she retired from teaching, they hired her back.

One of the benefits of that was family got first class passes.  After a few trips in first class I told my mom she could never retire.  The last trip  was when my oldest was 10, we took a mom & son trip to Washington D.C. just for the heck of it.  As we were coming back, I was watching a movie and eating a hot fudge sundae thinking, “Maybe this is how my life is going to be?”  A week later, that same flight number flew into the Pentagon.

We also had 1st class passes to Paris on September 13th, which of course didn’t happen.  My mom was laid off, Homeland Security took over the unaccompanied minor division and friends who were in New York were hopping on trains and rental cars just to get home.  Travel totally changed, those first few flights after that everyone was nervous.  You just never know what out of control event is going to happen to change your life forever?

That fire in Mexico might as well have been 20 years ago, it was certainly an example of reactions to a crisis.  We had the people who started it, not notifying us.  Me, who was ringing the alarm bell making sure everyone was out safe.  Then there were the people who jumped into action immediately putting it out and the lady with the kids who started it about 15 min. later asking us calmly for a fire extinguisher with no sense of urgency.

While waiting for my niece to come through on her way home from college, I paid some bills for the first time without a paycheck.  One of my purchases was this purse I’d been Jonesing for, waiting for it to go on sale.  While I was in Mexico, it went on sale and I bought it.  That was another somewhat caution to the wind purchase, a definite want.

Other purchases last month were odd?  Stocked up on cleaning supplies, TP, and some other stuff that’s coming in really handy right now.  One of the things was a super pack of wipes for my glasses and I use on my cell phone.  When this happened, I was prepared and went into action getting us food without dealing with the hoarders.

I’m a little freaked out about that, like I was after the fire.  The timing was insane, all started because I saw the flames first and it was put out immediately without too much damage.  I had that same feeling when I went to the boat to get a package of gloves I bought when I do work on it.  Did I buy all this knowing??  Am I a character in a Stephen King book??  It’s all surreal.

This morning I packed up my niece and her BF with food, some of those lens wipes and I made them masks.  I didn’t even hug her, the main goal is to get everyone home safely and assume you’re a carrier.  My brother and his W have pre-existing conditions, the LAST thing I want to do is pass that along!!  One of my other purchases, out of character, were new sheets and towels still in the bag.  I didn’t have to worry about boiling sheets and towels.  My brother & I have to stay healthy so one of us can get my mom, but we can’t do that until they have testing.

My H is almost at my son’s in New Mexico bringing home both my son and his dog.  They have my truck (another odd purchase?) to sleep in both ways.  We had to work something out with the neighbors who were VERY worried about my H spreading it to New Mexico.  He’s going to do a drive by and not get out of the car, my son is packed and ready.  When I put some stuff in it yesterday to sleep in I wondered why it was clean, empty and ready?

Maybe all these coincidences are just because I’m having a nightmare and am going to wake up…

At this point, when my niece and son are home I’m ready to sit this out.  Until then, glad we’re in putting out the fire mode in our family as soon as our kids are safely home.

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