Day 7: Neighborhood persona non grata

Maybe that’s why I go out of town so much?  Well those days are over for awhile.  The good news is that my son and his dog made it home safely from New Mexico.  Something I saw on the news was that people are fleeing to areas where they will be less likely to get sick, except the people who live there don’t want them.  That was the case with my son, we had to work out a plan with his neighbors for a drive by where he hopped in the truck – I don’t even think my H got out of the car in New Mexico?  They slept in my truck, used gloves at the gas pump, and never came into contact with anyone so as not to possibly spread.  When they got home I did give my son a huge hug, then walked his dog.

As for my neighbors, that’s an interesting story.  Over a year ago I was coming home and there was a neighborhood party going on.  I slowed down and said “hi,” then they said to come over so I did.  We’ve lived in this neighborhood for 25 years, our first house was a block away before we moved to this house about 20 years ago.  Imagine my surprise when I hear that they have these parties all the time and we’ve never been invited.  Everyone I talked to at the party asked about our lot next door to our house.

Supposedly it was a neighborhood google group that we never got the memo to, so I signed up.  When I did, more queries about the lot came in including a neighbor I never knew who came over to ask if he could plant a vegetable garden (that would come in handy now, I’ll admit).  The terms were we couldn’t build for 5 years.  Already our lot is the neighborhood dog run.  Instead of getting invited to the parties, all I got was a lot of inquiries once they all figured out who owned the lot.

That’s not what I’m upset about though, I realize how petty this is but when the shit hits the fan I prefer to focus on the trivial to relieve the REAL stress.  I know I do this, so here goes…

When the first wave of senior self quarantines happened my best childhood friend offered to help my mom in SoCal.  I sent a note on the neighborhood list saying that I would like to pay that forward, that I know what it’s like to raise your kids away from your parents, blah, blah.  It was the same weekend as the hoarding (was that only last week?). Some people didn’t even know happened yet, it all happened so quickly.  In my note, I included some suggestions on home delivery meals and the link to the caterer that did the freezer/microwave meals.  There was also an apology that they’ll have to listen to my piano practice.  No one replied, NBD.  My first thought was maybe they switched google groups and that one was obsolete.

When my son got home, the first thing I did was take my favorite dog for a walk running into my next door neighbor.  He said that was a really nice note, so I knew the list was working.

Last night another neighbor sent a similar note, suggesting we all stand out in front of our houses at dusk and sing, “God bless America.”  The replies rolled in of how great they were (disclaimer, I do like this couple even if I wasn’t invited to the first 5 years of their neighborhood parties).

All I’m saying is, it’s interesting how one person can offer the same thing and get crickets then another person says it and they’re the bomb.  Kind of the story of my life really, even with this stupid blog.  Blogs will pop up, people will become heroes and famous, it’s just annoying and missing the point completely.

One more example before I sign off for the day and annoy my neighbors with my piano playing…

When the kids were little I was in Junior League and did the PTA newsletter.  My roles were behind the scenes, newsletter editor and website so nobody saw me actually participating.  At the school, I was never invited to the end of the year volunteer lunch.  The 7 years in Junior League came to an abrupt end when my H severed something in his knee playing volleyball that required surgery and 3 weeks of not driving.  I had to quit my photography job at the paper and JL right away.  Not one of those women called me to see how I was doing or ask if I needed help, it was shocking.

That was my first realization that there are just some people who do things only if there’s a parade involved, some kind of recognition.  That’s happening all over the news now.

My challenge to anyone who reads this is to do something kind without anyone knowing or getting a bunch of hits on youtube.  It’s OK to be unpopular, and as a matter of fact maybe us loners will do better with all of this?

For now, my family is home and my friends in SoCal have been such a help with my mom.  We can hunker down now.  I won’t be joining my neighbors for the youtube fame, all of that is BS.  Be kind, be safe, be healthy.

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