Day 8: Zoom meetings

If this has taught me anything it’s that as unsocial as I can be at times, the internet isn’t a good replacement for human interaction.  I got our piano group set up on Zoom, just to see if it was a viable replacement for our cancelled meeting.  Besides the video freezing up, the sound worked fine.  We still haven’t heard from the one woman in our group in Australia under quarantine other than her saying she was getting tested.

Here’s my deal, I don’t come across well on the internet at all.  I wouldn’t say I’m shy, I’m just not an attention grabber.  My days are usually busy doing things besides sitting in front of a computer.  Even as a kid, I never watched TV.  One time, when I was around 10, I got locked out of the house and crawled through the window putting my foot through our only black & white TV in the living room.

When I first got “online” in the 90’s I joined some eWorld forum (it was Apple’s failed attempt at being AOL).  It was then I realized my online personality sucks.  Wanna feel lonely?  Post on FB and have nobody like anything.  People like me would die on the vine if we had to rely solely on the computer for a social life.

One other observation from yesterday, there was an email about delivering drone packages NOW.  I flew drones for a few years, this was an interesting email to me because it seems like we’re preparing for a permanent isolation.  Every once in awhile someone from the drone community will say drones should have precedent over airplanes in the airway, which seems ridic being a pilot that doesn’t want a drone in her prop.  IDK though?  No one’s flying, the airways are clear.  Maybe drones and Zoom will inherit the earth?  Like that movie “Logan’s Run,” this will wipe out anyone over a certain age.  Certainly, my gray is growing in.

One thing I do watch is Seinfeld right before I go to sleep, pure genius!!  Last night Constanza got a 3 week severance from the Yankee’s and was thrilled with the possibilities of taking classes, reading a book, bettering himself.  Instead, he sat there and watched TV with chips all over him.

Day one Costco hoarders are probably having a Day 8 Cheetos orgy.


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