Day 9: Elton John’s Birthday!!

My hero!!  My piano group is all set up on Zoom for today, I’ll be tech support this go-around.  We finally heard from the woman who was quarantined for testing in Australia,  she didn’t give us any info in the email if she’s even back.  Prince Charles was diagnosed today, possibly due to all that hand shaking? I don’t mean that lightly, they’re always in the spotlight.

I’ve been plugging along on “Your Song” forever to the point where I can finally make it sound halfway decent.  Two problems – stage fright & page turning.  For the heck of it I did a live feed on FB after the big fat flop on Instagram.  Besides the dog coming in from a walk, almost knocking the computer off the chair, it was just OK.  I sound like it’s a race in it.  I’m past the point of ever thinking I’ll be a performer, it helps my brain just like this blog does.

Sir Elton has had a HUGE influence for me and music.  When I was a kid I had piano lessons, but even more than that the piano helped me with singing in choir, then advanced choir.  He made music fun and piano playing cool.  Instead of poorly playing “Clair de lune” we could play songs to sing to.

My best friend at the time, the one who’s helping me with my mom in her isolation now, got “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” for her birthday and I was SO JEALOUS!  It was a double album, more expensive than just a regular album.  We would listen to it all the time and were impressed with the artwork on it.  My parents weren’t really that into music which led me to spend all my time at her house listening to her albums.

For my birthday a few years ago I happened to be in Las Vegas for a drone conference and asked if my family wanted to come out to see him in concert.  My H said no, so I splurged on a 5th row, isle seat.  When my youngest son found out, they did come out snagging some balcony seats.  OMG, what a concert!!  He and I gave the performance of our lives, I was singing and dancing the whole time with absolute abandon and no shame.  They were embarrassed for me when they saw me on the trinitron.

Other embarrassing my family moments with my love for Elton John came when we had our 25th anniversary in business party in Napa.  We stayed at Silverado with a formal party that included karaoke and dancing.  To everyone’s shock (horror?), I was the first one up and belted out “Saturday” getting the party started.  After that, the normally quiet, shy engineers were fighting over the mic.

When the movie came out, my piano group did a field trip to go see it.

In this bizarre time of the world on hold, it’s nice to have some great memories of how things used to be.  Happy Birthday Elton John!!  xo


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