Day 10: The end of hope

Right before I go to sleep and the second I wake up I hear, “Coronavirus.”  Over it.

Here’s the thing about us humans, we thrive on looking forward to something, it’s called hope and it’s been stripped down to the essentials.

Yay we can go outside and make designer masks!  Get some exercise by disinfecting the house while trying to do a yoga stretch.

Then there’s the total A-holes who have ruined it for everyone from the gate.  First it was the hoarders, making it impossible to get in and out of a grocery store without feeling like they’re the ones who sneezed on everything in the first place.  Then all the parks closed because everyone decided last weekend to flood the parks, people who probably never go decided to ruin it for the rest of us by flagrantly disobeying restrictions.  Now the rest of us can’t go, we’re all grounded.  Thanks A-holes.

Yes, I’m grateful that our business is on the essential list – but is this what it comes down to?  Hope that I might get my TP ration, food, just thank God you even GET a paycheck?

Where’s the hope here?  Hope you might get that government check?

All our hopes and dreams have been squashed by this with no end in sight.  Then we all have to treat each other as if we have the plague.  The figures yesterday in the U.S. equaled a .02% death rate of people who have been tested.  There’s a lot more cases out there that haven’t been tested, making that percentage even lower.  I know, I know, we should save every life and not one person should die of this.  That’s not the way life rolls, what about related deaths of say…no job or food?

I’m afraid the reaction to this has been that from here on out, we just exist…like the guys in “Parasite.”

Sorry to sound so glum, I’m just really over this whole thing.  I’m complying, VERY worried about the future of mankind after this.


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