Day 12: It’s a dog’s life

We lay around, go for walks, eat, lay around.

Let’s see if I can write something positive today as we crawl to the supposed backside of this shelter in place.

The statistics in the U.S. have stayed the same, 2% death rate according to my calculations.  Ran the numbers for Italy, it’s 10%.  Looks like the test kits are about to roll out to the masses soon.

Enough about this though!  It’s all consuming!

My son’s dog got about 10 miles of walks in between the 3 of us.  First a run with me in the morning (or she ran me?), then a lengthy walk with my son and finally my H took her out so I could vacuum and mop.  I don’t watch TV until after 5p, then it’s binge watching Grace & Frankie until the 8p news.

Other activities include practicing piano, playing with the SIM on my computer for flying, reading – my days aren’t all doom and gloom.  Of course writing when I wake up, trying to make some sense out of this so I can get some control.

Ordering online isn’t working well, there’s one order that isn’t coming in until May 5th on Amazon.  The one prescription I have, that’s pretty minor, couldn’t be ordered online and mailed because the Kaiser pharmacy site is down.  My first thought was that this was all sponsored by Amazon and Door Dash, none of them were ready for this.

Still have avioded the crowds shopping somehow?

Today with the rain, going to dust off the sweater drying rack otherwise known as the treadmill, so it’s not all bad.

With the rain, the lot is going to have to be mowed soon.  It might have to be the neighborhood playground with all the parks closed?  Now that we can actually get paid, I’ve been checking out ride on mowers online.  I might have to go all John Deere on everyone?  The money I’ve saved on latte’s has equaled about $60, my Visa bill was $15.  There were a few days in there where I didn’t spend a dime.

You’d think I’d be studying for my instrument rating with all this time, instead I’ve mostly been FREAKING OUT.  Going to try and stop that, starting today, and find the perfect mower.



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