Day 13: No end in sight

This was supposed to be until April 7th in the Bay Area, no idea now as it keeps getting worse.

With the rain, any attempt to get outside is a no-go too leaving my options to very few at home now.  The rain should clear up next week, that part will be temporary at least.

Someone on FB called me a “bootlicker,” which I found kinda funny.  A friend posted a pic of a surfer with lifeguards and police giving him $1k ticket for surfing when the beaches are closed in SoCal.  Instead of shrugging his shoulders and walking off, he yelled “Fuck you” at them all, hence the hefty fine.  My comment was what an entitled reaction, I would have made it $5k.  Then a troll replied saying “Fuck you bootlicker.”

If people didn’t hoard the food, then all the open spaces last weekend, maybe the beaches would still be open?  But because people are acting like a bunch of morons, we’re all limited to staying close to home.

In the meantime I’ve been searching for a ride on mower for the lot.  The solution might be to rent one for this go-around?  If they can even rent them now.  I found a lawn mower that probably won’t do the trick.  Before we started paying someone, it would be an all day event where we’d take turns and set up chairs in the driveway.

One year my H was on a month long trip to Europe for his 50th, the boys and I stayed home.  It rained late into June, so by the 4th of July it was overgrown and dry again and I couldn’t sleep thinking what a fire hazard it was.  My oldest and I set up in the driveway for our 2 day field work when a guy pulls up with a construction truck right before we started.  He said they were doing work on the major street a few blocks away and needed a parking space for the equipment.  Not only did we get out of mowing the lot, we got $1k a month for renting it out!

This tractor idea seems ideal for clearing it without breaking my back.

Gives me a project anyway, I need something to do for this indefinite amount of time and maybe the kids around here could have a little playground while they’re out of school  too with no place to go?  Make our neighborhood a little compound, just like in scary movies.


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