Day 14: Put my brain in reverse

Last night there was a PBS show on the history of country music, in the days before you had to start your training at the same time you learned how to talk.  The thing that got to me was the song writing, besides being about trucks and beer the big hits were from the heart.

This time at home has me sitting at my piano at least.  Trying not to annoy my family too much, things sound pretty ugly until they sound decent.  The things I play are difficult, some classical and I love my Elton John book!  I spent some time trying to get the sheet music digital so I wouldn’t have to flip pages, nothing worked well.  When I googled it (with all my free time) they do make an e-reader for music that’s close to $1k, I’ll have to just turn pages.

Then I have a few easy music books I go to just to practice easy sight reading of modern hits.  It’s almost too easy, making me wonder why am I playing the hard stuff?

My brain works in reverse on most things, figure it out then last thing is read the directions.  Because I learned how to read music when I was so young, it’s the opposite with piano.  If that sheet music isn’t right in front of me I’m totally lost.  If I get nervous, it’s like looking at a blank sheet.

On Day 14 I’ll see if I can reverse my brain.

This is kind of a Debbie Downer song, written by 9″ Nails and obviously spoke to Johnny Cash.  I love it though, being sober myself with a dad who has never stopped drinking, it speaks to me too.

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