Day 15: Another month!!

A day to day account for 3 weeks is one thing, it sounds like they’re going to order shelter in place until the beginning of May…AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

While it seems that that’s the answer to stopping this, is it?  It’s not for me to say, all I know is I better turn my shitty attitude around for the long haul or it’s going to be a longer, miserable haul.

When I scrolled through the pics on my phone to find one of my oldest, really I have traveled a lot this past year or more… I should not complain one little peep!  We also snagged my son from New Mexico so our family is here, my mom is fine.  It’s not like my boys are going to war, we’re all safely in lockdown.

The other good news is that the house looks bright and beachy where it was dark and dreary before.  So yeah, I shouldn’t complain about one little thing – yet being imprisoned in the house is going to suck for another month.

My mom told me a story of when I was a baby in Tiberon, they put me in the yard in a circular fence.  She said I’d crawl around in a circle closest to the fence trying to get out, she said it was my way of saying, “Don’t fence me in!”  When the kids were babies,  although I don’t regret it, I was totally fenced in.  I can’t even IMAGINE having to home school, that would be a barrel of laughs.  Ugh for the younger parents around here.

Today will be all about putting a plan for this together, I’ve been able to wing it for the last few weeks but it’s looking like this will be the new normal.

I’ve been practicing piano like crazy.  Can’t get through anything without a few mistakes, but I’m getting the timing down.  Twinkle twinkle little star is a Mozart piece.  There are 12 variations, this is just 3 to make it shorter.  Maybe a full concert with no mistakes May 1st??  Kidding.  I am getting less nervous when the camera is on, I’ve been known to completely freeze up.




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