Day 17: Charge my cameras!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve used my drone, it’s on my daily list of things to do.

The top 10 list was lame, sorry about that I’m just bored and tired of writing about this or even thinking about it.  It is what it is, we can all kiss normal goodbye.

In this county there are almost 200 cases with 2 deaths, that number of cases hasn’t changed much.  Yet none of us can go in for anything routine, the advice nurse lines are over an hour to get to them and the prescription website was down.

When my son and his wife were planning on going to Turkey in the middle of some political stuff I was really worried.  I took a short trip to Monterey and walked into a Turkish shop on Cannery Row.  When I told him my DIL was from Turkey and I was worried about her being able to come back he said, “I go back and forth all the time, it’s all the media.”

Not that I think this is all an overreaction, it is kind of a scary reaction though.  The government can shut down our lives…for months.  That’s kinda scary.  They also get to pick which jobs are essential and who “gets” to work, which changes daily and almost on a whim.  How many deaths from lost jobs?  Is it going to exceed the 2 already in this county?  Probably.   A weird time in history, which is why I’m writing every day about it.

I made my kids these books from Blog2print of 2019 blogs.  Don’t care if it’s for now, it’s for the future (?).

Check on some friends today, I have a few that are not doing well at all.  One of the big things they say when your bummed is not to isolate yourself, yet here we are.

Even if the top 10 list was a bust, still going to knock off my daily list I wrote out then plan for whatever the future holds.  Being 57 and having an unusual amount of friends die already, all I can say is when it’s your time you never see it coming.  Preventing death is the impossible task, I don’t mean that to sound cold but it is inevitable.  It’s how you choose to live your life that matters, which is being stripped now too.

Alright, going to cheer myself up by charging the drone and possibly getting some pics for tomorrow.

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