Day 18: Masks & such

Years ago my son, uncle and I went to Bali via Taiwan.  We spent 2 nights in Taipai, close to the airport about an hour from downtown.  They have bullet trains that can get you downtown in about 15 min., we hopped on then toured Taipai 101 which was once the tallest building in the world until Dubai had to outdo them.

A few things struck me, one was the weather there was awful.  It was hot and humid, miserable – everything was indoors.  The other thing I had never seen before is EVERYONE wore masks.  Michael Jackson used to always wear masks, I just thought he was sickly, didn’t know it was a thing?

I asked someone why they all had masks, is it because they’re sick or don’t want to get sick? He said both.  The weather there, along with how crowded it is, it’s just a precaution.  It was probably close to the SARS epidemic, something I was aware of but they didn’t shut everything down.  At the airport I did see a section like a TSA for sick people to get their temp taken.

That’s going to be the U.S. soon, the new normal.  When I was watching the news for my allotted hour they were saying all the masks were made in China.  We don’t make them in the U.S. because of minimum wage/labor laws, our biggest export is the Kardashians.

The other thing I noticed yesterday when I ventured out into the world to go grocery shopping was how creepy everyone was that was out.

There was a woman in the store with her mask and gloves on with her cell on speaker while she shopped.  Whatever, didn’t really hear the convo until we got in line (6′ apart).  Her phone friend was saying how someone she knew, who she said was rich, got tested and I didn’t hear the result because I was so turned off by the fact she was on speaker and the woman in the store was in all her COVID garb being a jerk.

Then there was this creepy guy in there saying stuff, I just quickly walked away.

What that woman said on speaker phone is false, you can’t just get tested unless you have symptoms.  Hopefully there will be testing available to end this apocalypse, it’s not happening now.  When I was in L.A., we went to dinner with a friend who had been sick for a month or more.  When I came back from Mexico he was finally feeling well enough to meet me for dinner.  His family donated to a wing of a hospital and he has not been tested (as of last week).

The only person I know that was tested was the woman in my piano group while she was in Australia.  She had symptoms, was quarantined away from her H and didn’t have it.  They were able to come home.

As for masks, I happened to hit the last day stores were open and got a bunch of fleece to make fender covers.  Maybe I’ll just make masks for the neighborhood with it if the mask thing is going to be enforced.  Every day it changes, the news just takes it up a notch.  Besides going out, I’m blissfully unaware at home until I turn on the 8p news.

The statistics are remaining the same through the U.S., 2% death rate of those tested as of last night.

** Oh wait!!  I thought of something on my run that’s an easy way for non-sewers to make masks, cut up some yoga pants.  It gets narrower around the ankle, but the upper leg will wrap around your face and stay tight, might be able to get 10 masks out of one pair!  Tight sweat pants might work too.


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