Day 19: Masks Part 2

With rain today, it’s looking like time to make masks.  The CDC put out the “suggestion” yesterday, pretty sure LA is going to make it mandatory.  Looking forward to mask shaming if you’re not wearing one.  On my run/walks when I’ve passed people by we all smile and wave.  That’s not happening anymore.

On my run I was trying to think of a no sew way to make a mask & I thought of yoga pant legs.  Made a little video of how to cut them, then it just stretches around your face and you can put some kind of filter in front.  Then on my FB someone said they don’t want you using spandex for material?  Thanks oh bearer of bad news 🙁  Similar to Steve Martin’s glasses in “The Jerk.”

One of the nursing homes in Orinda (by me) just had a huge outbreak of at least 2 dozen cases.  Sometimes I wonder if we’re flattening the curve or just postponing it, buying some time I guess?

Boy has this been a wild ride!  I’m not going to think of ideas anymore, I’ll just let the gov’t lead the way on this and I’ll just kick back and wait for our turn for food rations.

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