Day 20: Master Class subscription

Tired of writing about something that has taken over the whole worlds psych and is all anyone is even talking about, including me.

These Master Class ads kept popping up on my FB page, a few days ago I watched a live Bobbi Brown, mostly out of filling up the day,  the hour speed by with her tips.  The main interest is  the writers & photographers.  Still, didn’t bite the bullet on it and went about my COVID day.

Then I got a 2 for 1 subscription offer.  My DIL was interested too so I went for it.  I’m only into a few of the David Sedaris videos, I like his writing style and of course his humor.  Not like my writing is going to change overnight, going to really try to make it better after years of writing blogs.

My first blog was noticed very quickly, I had written something comparing Australian surfers to CA surfers that took off.  At the time, you could piggyback on articles (which I noticed you can’t do anymore) and I’d tweet/FB my blog.  After Trump somehow got in office, I deleted my Twitter account and slowed down on FB with all the political BS.  I went into Trump denial, just wanting it to be over, then deleted that blog.

On this blog, which I’ve been doing for a few years too, I never really got it up and running?  For one, I don’t promote it.  When I finally got a new Twitter account I barely use it, don’t follow anyone and vice versa.

But I write every day and have most of my life.

The other thing about this blog is the hits by bots are trying to get me to click their site,  killing it.  There’s a bounce rate on here, when the bots click on and off giving you 100% bounce rate that’s the end of the search engines helping you out.  Death by bots.

The other really bad habit with writing is I don’t keep re-writing.  It’s a blog though, not a book, that’s my excuse.

Lately I’ve just been doing a count down until we get out of this!  The reasoning is this has never happened in my lifetime and is pretty historical.  Even if I don’t post every day, I write.  Maybe these classes will help me venture off to something different besides an unread blog?

Considering today is Day 20 Shelter in Place in the Bay Area AND raining, gotta fill up my days with distractions.  It’s almost noon, I’ve already written and re-written this, dusted off my sweater drying rack to find out it’s a treadmill, then got a few indoor miles in.

Hope everyone’s hanging in there!!


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