Day 21: COVID free day

The attempt to have a COVID free Sunday was thwarted by a hysterical 2 hour phone call…

Trying not to make this like an international flight, the torture flight where you stare at your watch the whole time calculating time zones instead of popping a Tylenol PM.  Not that I’m going to do that through this, it does seem like I’m sleeping a lot.

Last night I watched what was supposed to be the country music awards, it was actually better than awards with the artists at home playing acoustic.  Ya’ know, that was refreshing.  Just a guitar, or piano, and their voice.  It really cheered me up, I love music.

Supposedly we’re half way through?? (Did I say that last week before the extension?) Double that, then times it by 2 and maybe we can see an end of this ordeal.  San Francisco Bay Area was the first to shut down, we’ve been in this a little longer than the rest of the country.

I apologize for writing about this incessantly, what are those stages of grief again?  I’m reaching acceptance, where this might just be the way we all have to live from here on out.  Hostages in our house, or mask shamed, or wrong fabric mask shamed.

Leave you with this song that was great from last night.  I’m not very religious, my thoughts are more that I don’t want people happy to see me go.  This is pretty though, the comment section on youtube shows that the trolls are out in full force.







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