Day 22: Blue Skies

There is a bright side in all this, got outside after the weekend rain to the sky bluer than it’s ever been.  The planet needed a breather, we’ve been pretty hard on mother nature so it’s no wonder why she bonked us.  In my former active lifestyle there was always a healthy fear of mother nature.

Last night on the news was Governor Newsome’s new estimate on when CA will get the brunt of this, now mid-May.  Not sure how he can predict that when the numbers in California are getting lower?  I give, not a Dr. and have no idea what’s going to happen.  We’ll have to trust they know and can put the fire out.

In the meantime, tick tock.

Here’s a technique I use in the dentist chair while I’m staring at the holes in the ceiling, I know it’s going to be over soon.  It’s hard to imagine now, but years go by fast (the days are SLOW now).  Planning the stair climb in Bisbee in October then going to train for that will make the time go by fast.

That Master Class subscription has helped a bunch, so have my runs.  Getting outside after the rain saved me!  We have a decent sized house that is shrinking by the day with 3 of us indoors.

None of us work in the health care industry either, or at a super market.  We’re pretty protected considering.  Doesn’t lessen the fact that we’re all couped up, it makes me appreciate things could be a lot worse.



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