Day 23: Always look @ the bright side of life

Besides the 3 of us (4 if you include the dog) in an ever shrinking house,  I finally found a quarantined, long term goal of the 30th Anniversary of the Bisbee stair climb in Oct.  I’ve done this quite a few times, my back has prevented me the last couple of years – either that or I dropped the ball and didn’t sign up in time so it was full.  It’s something small, but it’s something I can look forward to and half ass train for.

Usually I walk this with my uncle, Bisbee is at 5,000′ and the stairs are brutal – especially at the end.  The one year I was in any kind of shape to run (jog) it I took off with my cousin’s future ex wife and her friends.  We were on the downhill leg, made it through all the uphill climbs when everyone had to use the bathroom in the group.  Our porta-potty stop cost me 20 min., my time ended up the same as if I would have just walked with my uncle.

Despite my favorite walks being closed along with all the state parks, we can still go around the neighborhood.  It’s a bummer  that the first thing people did with this is hit the trails, ruining it for everyone.  The beaches were packed, they had to close all the beaches in L.A., you can’t even go in the water.  San Diego shut down recreational boating.  We fueled up the other day and got out for a few hours, it was too windy (storm coming in) for my H so we came back in.  It was nice just to get out.

One thing we talked about was sitting this out for a few days at the Angel Island moorings, blissfully unaware.  That’s a no-go, they closed the park and are chasing people off the moorings.  It’s just a matter of time before they put a no recreational boating in order here, I sure hope that doesn’t happen.  Every day is a new manic restriction.

Still trying to look on the bright side of things, like “Life of Brian.”  Always look at the bright side of life.



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