Day 24: No sleep & plumbers

The plan was to get a shot of the moon last night, or wake up early this morning and get it with my drone.  Instead I missed the moon at dusk & grabbed this shot with the drone, then woke up for a nice 3:30a internet sesh.  If I reach for that computer, it’s a sure thing I’ve given up on falling back to sleep for awhile.  Day 24 and it’s the first night I really didn’t sleep, pretty good I’d say.

In the middle of this fell another crisis, something is leaking from the upstairs bathroom into the garage.  How do you treat the plumber?  Make sure he’s wearing a mask or that we’re all wearing masks when he comes?  This is a great exercise in human psych, treat everyone as a hostile enemy bearing the plague.  Nice way to live out the rest of our days, cheating death with every person we interact with.


Thursdays are designated cleaning days, that’ll keep me busy.  Training for that stair climb every other day letting my back dictate if it will be a run or a walk that day.  In my limited  sleep I did have a dream someone sneezed on me in a Target or something on purpose, gotta stop watching the news!!

This morning, while talking to a friend, we made another great plan.  Last summer I flew up to Bend for a week and she happened to be up there for her job.  We went for a nice lunch then walk.  She had to drive to Seattle that night from there and decided to skip the float that I went on after she left.  She missed the relaxing float in an inter tube down the Deuchutes river, watching the world go by.

Now I have 2 plans, we’re doing the damn float when this is over!!  Float in Bend, stair climb in Bisbee.  Simple things that now seem like it might be impossible.

One thing about all of this, I’m so glad I didn’t put things off.  Last year, I felt totally selfish about being gone all the time, but in retrospect glad for all of it.

In my daily chat with my 83 yr old mom, who is isolated in her house without anyone to either drive crazy or to drive her crazy, we talked about the “future.”  My comments were if we still have any money left, I want to put a lap pool in.  She said, “That would be a great thing, you’re like an olympic swimmer.”

Before this happened, she spent Christmas up here before her birthday in Jan., where I stayed with her that week.  Then in Feb. before the Mexico trip I spent the week before, carless, with her.  It frustrated me a bit I couldn’t get out by myself to just swim laps at that El Segundo aquatic center, she always wanted to come with.  Now not knowing what the future will hold or when I will see her again, it’s nice that I did get to spend almost 3 mos going back and forth with her.  The other thing, sure I’ve said this many times, SO GLAD she’s not in assisted living!!

Now there are 3 future goals:  Bend, OR float, Bisbee stair climb and a lap pool.



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