Day 26: Corona-coaster

Nothing like everyones life on hold indefinitely for a virus/government shutdown.

In Northern California the hardest hit are the nursing homes and then a homeless shelter in San Francisco that has a ton of cases as of yesterday.  As I go about my new routine, trying to get out of this funk again, it occurs to me what could have happened if my niece weren’t booted from her dorm last month during Spring Break?  We’d be dealing with a different beast, all those kids going back to school then bringing the party to their parents.

The multiple housing facilities seem to be hit the hardest, I can’t imagine.

A few weeks ago I ordered this clock I had made for my bro’s bday off of Zazzle and it won’t get there until next week.  Zazzle has a way for you to make your own things to sell.  With time on my hands, thought I’d build a little store.  Checking the status of the order, it turns out they can’t do that now since it’s not an essential business.

Really didn’t think about what it takes to manufacture those is probably a crammed sweatshop?  Ugh.

The other noticeable feature new on their website is custom masks.  Seems like a good idea, just hope they get here before they’re obsolete.  Already anything you order online is pushed back weeks, my mom’s grocery delivery was postponed until Thursday.

Out of sheer boredom, ordered them for my family and popped one in the approval cooker to sell online for the heck of it.  Not like I’d make a mint, it would pay for maybe one Nespresso capsule per sale.  Why not though?  Easier than writing another online book that doesn’t sell.

Here’s one of the masks from a pic I took coming back from Lopez Island in Washington and the site:


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