Day 27: Happy bizarre Easter!

On my brother’s birthday this year for the first time since I can remember.  My boys are doing well, glad for that.  The dog is actually loving life with all the walks she gets.

Being a stay home mom for 10 years really prepared me for this.  There was something about Justin Timberlake being in Montana with his family, saying that they’re not cut out to be full time parents that didn’t go over well on social media.  Maybe people will have a little more appreciation for full time moms?

The other prep is that I really am kind of a loner, that part isn’t the hard part.  The hard part is that there’s no place to go?  Being a loner, I need my space to re-charge that non-loners don’t get.  When overwhelmed, I take off somewhere for an adventure.

Getting in pretty decent shape from my runs, although my oldest made a good point when I bragged about my Vo2 scores yesterday, he said “You may be 29 on your Garmin, but your back is still 57.”  The runs certainly change my mood, there’s my morning grouch mood, then my after my run/walk mood.  I attribute my morning grouch mood to the news at night then listening to Alexa news in the morning.  The rest of the day is pretty news free.

We’re all kind of skipping Easter this year, which is a shame because we could all use a good chunk of chocolate right about now.


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