Day 28: Another fortnight

Supposedly, we’ll have to see on that one.  For the first time in weeks I ventured out to the stores with no problems (since it was Easter) to see some empty shelves and a mix of hazmat vs not a care in the world attitudes.  My world has been limited to the neighborhood, no idea what’s going on outside of my morning run/walks.

The morning Alexa news said Trump wants Fauci fired, I’m sure it’s because he’s running the show & upstaging Trump.  Don’t want to get too into politics, Fauci certainly has scared the shit out of everyone.  The allotted news time was some end of the shutdown hope, followed by the end of the world depending on what station I was on.  No wonder why we’re all so confused!!  To be clear, not a Trump fan.

Another thing the news showed was a complete shutdown in Istanbul.  From what my DIL says, they don’t mess around.  My son & DIL don’t get the local stations, I poorly filmed the segment with my phone for her to see.  With Whats App she’s in constant contact with her family…I can’t imagine if my boys were in a different country right now instead of home and a few miles away.  I’m just glad we spent a lot of time with her family this past year so they trust us.  It wasn’t too long after her grandparents left that this all went down.

Having that on our local news just made the world seem smaller, even if it was a 2 Tylenol PM (14 hour) flight last September.

Of all untimely things, our fridge is dying a slow death.  Appliance stores are on the essentials list, headed over full hazmat to check them out.  At first I was surprised they weren’t geared up?  The sales guy stood 6′, I opened the refrigerators with my gloves to check them out.  It wasn’t until I was about to give him my card when he said, “Go ahead and pay when it’s delivered.”  No way was he going to take my infected card.

Today’s good news is it’s a really nice, Spring day.  Can’t do anything fun, that’s been taken away.  We can at least look, our neighbors bloom with the house is beautiful.


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