Day 29: Adjusting

Will there come a time when someone says, “Let’s go to the reservoir” and I’m not up for it because I’m so used to being within a mile of my house?

We watched kind of a lame movie last night, Ad Astra.  Now HE was isolated, we’re not that isolated.  It’s weird to go to a store though, I still don’t get the hoarding thing?  I heard that all the TP hoarding is going to cause the price of TP to go up, thanks A-holes.

It was my H bday yesterday and the good news was both boys were home for the 1st time since they were out of high school, we actually had a mini party (family only).  About 3 weeks ago I had gone to Lowe’s for something with no problems, just in case that changed I ordered his present online for pick up last week.  They emailed me the next day to say I could pick up.

The line to get in was really long, I couldn’t find the parking spaces to pick up being so distracted by the line (Check out rear view mirror line).  Finally my son saw it, we parked while I just kept calling until a customer service guy picked up about a half hour later.  They then quickly brought out my order to the truck, but they couldn’t put it in the truck with a shell on it, it’s enclosed.  My son & I put the present in the truck from there, never having to go inside.

There was only about 5 min of that where we got out of the car, that was nice.  If anyone’s going to get sick it’s from those lines to get in those stores, I really don’t get it?  Almost 30 days in and I haven’t been in a store where you’ve had to wait in line or even crowded and we’re stocked up, it makes no sense?

The other news that came out yesterday was that it’s no longer 6′ of distance that’s safe, it’s actually 12′.  Have we been skirting death this whole time with 6′?  It’s ridiculous.

There are those scary movies where you just don’t go into the woodshed, yet the first place those people go to get murdered is the woodshed.  It must be some kind of phenomenon with people?  Don’t go where there’s a crowd, so they rush to make it crowded.

When this first happened I made a comment to my piano group I thought it was sponsored by Amazon & Door Dash.  Obviously I’m wrong, Amazon suddenly doesn’t have it’s shit together to deliver stuff until a month out on some items (like shampoo of all things).

This has sure been a study in human nature I never knew existed before.  Soon will be the desperation of people with no money, that’s not going to be pretty 🙁

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