Day 30: 30 down, 15 more to go

Or so we hope….

Every day I write a list of what to do that day, just dumb things like, “practice piano” or “wash hair.”  Today is actually venturing out to the unknown, San Leandro for a car tune up for the warranty.  I got this car in December, it’s a Kona electric with almost 300 miles range.  So far there’s a whopping 1,500 miles on it.

Gives me something to do, the car dealerships are essential.  Dragging my son along with me, he has nothing to do during the day.  He’s still doing online classes at New Mexico State, not enough to occupy him ALL DAY LONG.  When they were little, it was up early for school and sports, we’d be gone all day.

With kids (in school) it’s go time.  How do I keep an adult kid motivated when it’s hard for me to even stay motivated?  I feel for the parents with school age kids at home, don’t think I could have handled it.

We did get to spend the day together, a quick reset for the car since there wasn’t even miles for a tire rotation on it.  He’s scared, mostly for us because he says we’re older.  He felt like I was taking our lives in our hands just by taking the car in.  Ya’ know, this doesn’t have me that scared of getting it because we’ve barely been out.  The media has this so hyped up that it’s scaring the shit out of our kids.

I told him we’ve been super careful, but most likely this won’t be what kills us and you never know what’s going to happen in life – You can’t live it being afraid of death or you won’t live at all.  I said, “I just want you to know that even when I’m gone, I’m always with you.”

It  makes me mad that this is freaking my boys out, I do dangerous stuff (with caution) all the time.  I’m a tad bit of an adrenaline junkie, but I also know when it’s not a great idea or a no-go.  I get no adrenaline from going to get a car tune up, or a store.  People think they’re bad ass for hitting Target, I’ll leave that to them & have skipped all the main stores.

We grabbed to go burgers in our hazmat gear.  Now that we’ve all figured out our stoves, getting restaurant food is just a reminder of poor customer service.  “Would you like cheese?”  “Yes, I want everything on it” (said twice, under the bandana).  When I looked at the screen it said, “No cheese.”  I didn’t correct him, no cheese it is!


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