Day 31: Mutiny

Now that this COVID ordeal is completely out of control with no end in sight, because for some reason widespread testing is not available, everyone’s completely freaked out.

The big mutiny in my hometown of Manhattan Beach is opening the beaches back up for the residents, all LA beaches are closed.  It does seem a little overkill, especially since this seems like it’s the enclosed spaces that are the worst hit.  My Alexa this morning said you can be a carrier before you are even are officially a carrier.  Depending on who you’re listening to, its 6′ – 12′ distancing.   I think you can get it by just thinking about it, like how you’re fine when you walk in a Dr.’s office & come out with a diagnosis you didn’t know about.

One side of me is like, “Bless their hearts, the poor surfers and the residents in their $20 mil strand houses.”  The rest of us don’t get to go to the beach either, suck it up.  The other part of me is terrified that our gov’t can do this, and fuck it up so badly that there is no clear plan of action.  Identify, test, isolate.  No – it went deny, send everyone $1,000 bucks, apply for small business loans that are not going through now and STILL no widespread testing.  It’s not even in the pipeline!

Of course I have no idea what’s really going on, besides being in this weird position of trusting our government to do what’s right for us in our new police state way of living.

Otherwise, I’m just trying to get through the days by doing some creative endeavors.  I’ve been watching those Master Classes on photography & writing.  I’m in the middle of the Annie Leibovitz photography session.  She does mostly portraits, not something I’m used to.  Because of the times, thought I’d do some self portraits with my drone looking into my upstairs bedroom window.  During the day, it didn’t work so well because you couldn’t see in.  Last night it was funny, I popped it up at dusk.  Legally, you’re not supposed to fly the drones at night without a permit.  It warned me the collision avoidance wouldn’t work, I didn’t think the drone would try to float off!!

I positioned it to hover, ran upstairs and set the timer on every 7 seconds…but the drone started drifting.  First it went up, I used the controller to get it back, then the controller wasn’t working at all with it and it was heading for the roof.  Caught it just in time to just make it go straight down for a crash landing.  I’ve seen drone night shots, and drones at night, so it surprised me that it just did its own thing.  Maybe they weren’t using a Mavic?

I’ll call this series of self portraits “Isolation.”  Note I’m in my PJ’s, the official COVID outfit.

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The other creative endeavor was making some stuff to sell on Zazzle.  At first it was going to be these clocks I made for a few people, the facemasks came out instead.  I put it on my FB page, will put them here too.


So my days are filled with writing and creating stuff, until it’s the end of the world and no one has any money & the police confiscate my drone.

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