Day 32: Astrology charts

Why not?  There’s nothing to do.  My friend is totally into this, she sent me my chart this morning according to my birth time/place.  It’s all a little fascinating, there’s a little bit of truth to everything.

Not totally into it, pretty interesting though what she brought up about the Saturn cycle.   It takes about 29  years for Saturn to circle the planet, marking a transition when it circles depending on how you choose to live your life during those times.  Being 57, it’s about to go through my 2nd cycle into my 3rd and (gulp) last.

She said, “What were you doing when you were 28?”  I got married and pregnant, in that order 🙂  My path was clearly geared towards a family, which surprises me because even at 26 marriage wasn’t even on my radar.  I had one long term R before in college, in between I was single for 6 years.

For me to meet someone and dive in relatively quickly is not really how I’ve ever operated, so maybe there’s something to that Saturn thing that kicked my butt into gear?

All my thoughts on this COVID ordeal are in line with my age, the realization that death is on the horizon.  It certainly makes me not so scared of this pandemic because ultimately, death is inevitable.  Not in a morbid way, just that I’m not going to live in panic & fear.  I kind of like the 6′ rule, there’s just no way to make a mask look good.  In the same way there’s no way to look good in a minivan.

Today is all about wasting a day just reading my friends info and the birth chart she sent. Looks like there’s 2 weeks of free time to decide what the last 3rd of my life is going to look like so I better decide how I want it to go down post-COVID (I hope!).

That’s enough of my semi-spiritual self, leave you all with some drone footage I took of the new docks at the marina for the harbor master there.  Gave me something else to occupy my time today along with this blog.  There’s only so much to do around the house, not a homemaker.



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