Day 33: Suck it up people, this is worldwide !!

Spent the morning reading blogs from different parts of the world, we all seem to share the same parts of this.  Stay home orders, can’t go to work, crappy Gov’t responses.  When I was in Paris a few months ago, the sales clerk and I chatted about Trump & Macron.  Neither of us were thrilled with who was in charge, that seems to be universal.

We went from France to Istanbul, where you can’t openly talk politics, and I was very self conscious about what I was posting on-line.  Different countries have different rules, I’ve always been respectful while traveling down to what I’m wearing.

By no means do I mean “suck it up” to people out of work from this, that’s very scary at this time.  What I mean is the protests with people coming together in mass groups, I don’t get that at all?

In California there are protests to open the beaches again, en mass.  It’s like the hoarding, instead of the supposed 1.5 more weeks of shelter in place, lets all congregate to postpone it for the rest of us!!

I’ll admit to freaking out that CA  is turning into a police state, but it’s more from my shelter in place and not taking it to the streets to join the crowd.  These are aspects of human nature I really never knew existed.

This must be the same part of human nature that turns on all the water faucets when there’s a drought?  I saw this strange phenom a few times or I wouldn’t think it was a thing.  California had a significant drought a few years ago, I drive back & forth from SF to LA all the time.  The central valley is where the CA farmland is, a drought is the worst thing for them.  There are signs everywhere denying there was a drought (as a hoax).  A few times I went into restrooms where people purposely left all the water running.  If it would have happened once, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but it happened a few times.  It was defiance.

We have a whole lot of freedom in the U.S., no war on our soil since the civil war (our own). We can sue on a whim, it’s our right, so we’re not used to this.

*Sigh* Did get the drone up again to show what a ghost town this is.  Walnut Creek is shopping central a mile from my house.  They really built it up to high end stores downtown, which were already becoming empty before this happened.  We’re also known for fine dining, although it’s a tough restaurant turnover here too.

People are driving like maniacs, or walking/riding bikes in the middle of the street as if no one should be driving either.  Kind of all bets are off?  They just put the mask order in last night, gearing up.  The original CA dates were beginning of April, now beginning of May, yet the news last night didn’t mention CA as being close to opening up.


Closed new Apple Store & Neiman Marcus






Nordstrom & Mt Diablo

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