Day 34: Mental Health day

Much needed day on the Bay, felt so nice to forget about everything and sail.  The docks were re-done, we were asked to move the boat back to the new docks and by the time we got it started it looked like perfect winds.  

OMG, I hope everyone has some way to escape just a little.  It’s so good for your mental health just to forget things if even for a few hours.  The run/walks are helping a lot, the limited news, then today just seemed “normal.”

The only reminder was walking into a store with mask on, when the guy at the register asked me to properly adjust the nose part of it (I didn’t know there was a nose part of it?).  He said the COVID could leak in through the top part if it wasn’t pinched tight above my nose.

Instead, we risked our lives sailing out where there was a whale close by.  We heard the alert, I was ready to go check it out!!  My H, the cautious one of us, said we don’t want a whale to flip the boat by accident.  After thinking about how cold the water was, I agreed and turned the boat around.

He’s a good sport, sailing just isn’t his thing.  It’ll be nice to sail with friends again, it’s really my whole social life.  I’m a horrible hostess, party planner, homemaker.  Put me on that boat and I come alive and feel like “Heller.”  The price of admission is usually a latte.



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