Day 35: The start of yet another week

There are aspects of this where we’re in a good spot, namely our age of being close to retirement.  It’s hard to say what’s going to happen?

It looks like they’re going to extend it in CA, SoCal is May 15th with no updates here in the Bay Area.  They got the go-ahead to put homeless in now empty hotels, that’ll affect tourism for a long time if it doesn’t just kill it.

Trying to stay positive in the midst of all this, just every day brings a new SURPRISE!  My cousin txt’d me today saying that after 40 years of working in the health care industry, her job has been eliminated into a forced retirement.  Unless you have COVID, you can forget about going to a hospital for anything else.

I didn’t write this before, it was too depressing, but in the midst of all this my aunt’s husband died.  I wouldn’t say he was my uncle, she remarried in her 70’s.  Still, I saw them last year when my cousin (her son) died.  Her husband didn’t die of COVID, but because their test results weren’t back she couldn’t be there with him when he suddenly died.

Her other son is a Dr. and told me his patients were down 50%.  That was a few weeks ago, no clue if he’s closing shop too due to this.  I’m afraid to even ask :(.  The new age of dying alone, being stripped of 40 years of a job well done let alone my friend who was on his way to the airlines to be sent home this past 6 weeks with no job in sight.

This is a disaster, it doesn’t seem like anyone is looking at the big picture here?  And guess what, my son hasn’t seen a dime of his unemployment or the $1,200 bone.

Having good & bad days with this, I’ve turned into somewhat of an unqualified crisis counselor for my friends.

Going to put up a pic of better days, last year in Seattle when I helped my friend the first week with her baby.  We got our trip  to Mexico in for the baby’s first bday, came back to the Twilight Zone.  Not sure when I’ll see her, or even my mom, again.



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