Day 36: Get my shit back together

Last night there was another note from a friend saying the company is folding, jobless.  Two messages in one day about job loss where businesses are folding.  Lives and livelihoods, no wonder once a week I’m having a NBD!

On the to-do list today is the drive through vet, gives me something to do while she’s home.  Yesterday we went downtown to a parking garage that has a charger for my Hyundai, charge point overcharged me once so I have a massive credit.  The dog hopped in the car and we went to the parking garage then walked home.

A few hours later, my H & I went to get “to go” food and I walked to the garage from there.  It was so eerie, I was the only one walking through all the closed shops but the mall music was still on.  Felt like I was walking through a scary movie into the woodshed again, which in this case was the empty parking garage – empty, except this black 70’s Caddy straight from Boogie Nights parked RIGHT NEXT TO ME!  It was hard to tell, with the tinted windows, whether there was anyone inside at first.  Definitely put myself in a situation where no one can hear you scream.

There was no one in the Caddy, I got out of there charged up ready to go.  The climate around here is so creepy, there’s a homeless tent propped up in front of my gym the other day.  The other day there was a car racing down the freeway, tailgating everyone then weaving in & out with NO plates on.

All in all, it’s safer to just be home with the 110 plug in until this is all sorted out.  It’s also a better mental day for me.  The dog has an ear infection, next appointment is in 2 weeks on May 5th.  That time usually flies by between appointments, we’ll have to see what 2 weeks will bring?

Pic is of last April in Bisbee @ one of the oldest ballparks in the U.S..  May 6th was supposed to be a Los Lobos concert there with my cousins.  I will see them in Oct. for the stair climb!  Took this with my drone.


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