Day 37: Back’s out, I’m out

AHHHHHHHHH!!!  This always comes out of nowhere, takes me completely out of the game.  As sucky as this whole shelter in place thing has been, at least I’ve been running and getting in shape.  I’ve lost 5 lbs through all this, was going to come out the other side ready for a bikini in Hawaii.

After posting the blog yesterday, threw my running shoes on for my normal route around the neighborhood.  I had a good pace going too, got in my fastest mile (not going to say the time because it’s still not that fast).  Then did a mini-sprint to get my heart rate up before walking the rest of the way back.  After a few cool down minutes, looked ahead to see my son walking his dog and in an effort to catch up to him, I sprinted…BAM!! Never made it.

He was far enough in front of me that he wouldn’t be able to hear me if I yelled out, didn’t have my cell with me.  When this back stuff comes on, it’s debilitating.  So I shuffled, thinking I could make it home.  This route takes me past friend’s houses, normally I would just knock on a door of someone I knew to help me out, but we all have COVID.  The route is also by Kaiser, but you can’t go in the hospital unless you have COVID.  I was actually closer to the hospital than I was to home.

Besides, I never go to the Dr. and I have left over muscle relaxers from the last bout.  After shuffling to the end of the block, this woman was walking her kids for her homeschooling PE part of the day.  I asked her to call my H, she said, “Do you want to use my phone?”  That was nice, but I told her I was totally sweaty from my run and didn’t want to get my sweaty, potential COVID paws on her phone. OK, that’s not what I said but it was what I was thinking.  Then I just stood in place, glad he answered his phone to an unfamiliar number, he picked me up.

Since then, I’ve been in bed and might be for some time.  Years ago, after an episode, I got a sleep number bed that really helps.  It pumps to the firmest so it’s like laying on the floor.  All set up with my left over pharmacy, still feeling sorry for myself though.  Was looking forward to the stair climb in October!!

Not sure if I’ll have anything to blog about for the duration besides bitch & moan about being an invalid in COVID times.  No chance of getting it now at least huh?

The muscle relaxers have me a little out of it, I’ll wrap this up by saying just a few things. My new bucket list is getting out of bed one day, and sorry to say running and osteopenia don’t mix.  My v02 says 25, my body says 125.

The link below are the masks I designed in a Zazzle store.  A heads up, I ordered them on the 11th and they haven’t shipped yet.  When I did the clocks they took a week, so I know this is a manufacturing problem.  By the time we get them, maybe they’ll be a commemorative edition?  Wouldn’t that be nice.

The yoga mat is now going to just be a wall hanging.  I put a pic on front & back, with my sig on the back. They’re pricey, Zazzle always has sales though.



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