Day 38: Or 380?

Still bed ridden, a lot better than yesterday at least.  More sore from laying in bed than my actual back at this point.

2 things I love most, darting off places and actually getting out and doing stuff – gone in a second with that sprint the other day & this COVID lock down.  My friend wants me to go to a chiropractor…hell no!!  I’m not going anywhere near a Dr.’s office right now!!   I’m not even that spooked about the virus itself, just not going to go out of my way to get it either.

One thing I’m learning is that appliances are not meant to be run 24/7, basically houses aren’t supposed to be lived in full time.  On the COVID repair list is replace the fridge, dishwasher leaking, air conditioner cranking up the heat & upstairs tub leaking into the garage.

On personal repair list is my mental health, my back and I’m pretty sure a root canal is eminent.

The back is a lot better though, it’s hard to tell when those incidents happen if it’s going to be a few days or a few months.  This time I was pretty lucky, not on relaxers right now and might even skip it tonight?  The jogging has been so good for my mental health, I think it was that sprint that was the culprit.  Swimming at the gym pool is out indefinitely.

Yesterday was mandatory mask law, all my designer masks are on backorder as of this morning.  We have masks, it’s not like we need cool masks when there’s just no way to make a mask look cool.

Until I can get out for newer photos, just going to re-tread past photos in hopes I’ll be able to travel with my camera again.  Today’s shot of Berkeley marina by drone.

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