Day 39: New sandals!!

To walk to the mailbox with!!  Yay!!

Tomorrow is 40 F’ing days.  I’m learning a lot about myself, that I’m not a homesteader or a homemaker & I’m pretty close to going INSANE!!!

At least my back is doing a lot better, haven’t taken any pain stuff today.  The Bay Area has been in this the longest in the U.S., it’s time to at least open the parks back up and stop with the fear.  These uplifting stories are really creeping me out, you’re supposed to think “Oh, that makes it all worth it!!”  “Look how people arrange post its to communicate.”  “That zoom choir was so amazing!”  “See, we can do this!”

It was all good until they said now that you’re all used to house arrest, we’re going to make it longer.  Be a good citizen and help out this epidemic (I don’t know anyone who has it).  If I’m feeling this way, I can’t imagine the people who are out of work battling with the unemployment checks that aren’t coming in 🙁

Even a semi-sane person like me has their limits.  Will I keep complying?  Or am I going to completely lose it and run through the streets, mask free, screaming? Stay tuned…

Recycling pics from where I was this time last year, cover is my uncle’s porch looking towards Mexico.  At least I lived a great 2019, look back on the freedom we used to have.


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