Day 40: Semi normal day

My back is a ton better, no relaxers yesterday or last night.  These episodes usually last a lot longer, I think the swimming and slow jogging strengthened it enough to not take me to the ground.  There will be no more sprinting for me!

I wish I could write out my day,  let’s just say I saw one of my friends for the first time in these whole 40 days.  It was a mask and glove event, as safe as possible, to the point where it wasn’t that bad just wearing a mask as long as I can do the things I like to do.

The only people I’ve been around at all has been my immediate family, it was nice.

Then the family was here for dinner, it was almost a normal Saturday despite looking like a dork.

Some good news too – While our president is telling people to snort bleach, Turkey is actually making a lot of progress according to my daughter in law who is in touch with her family daily.  She always calms my fears when it comes to world events, Turkey has dealt with these kind of crisis’ since the beginning of time.

Ironic Trump’s medical advice might actually kill his base.  When he said that, it just seemed like another Trump comment.  On the news tonight, people actually took his advice…OMG, how can anyone take that comment seriously?

Pic is from an overnight at South Beach, San Francisco for the weekend last year.  The skyline while heading back.


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