Day 41: Moving on with my life

Switched up my long term goal to getting instrument rated (IFR), I can fly still.  For some reason I thought we were limited to essential flying, turns out they limited the ATC hours but we can still fly.  I might surprise my mom and fly down to L.A. for mother’s day, will have to work around Uber somehow and maybe get her to pick me up?  She’s been in isolation since the beginning.

On Rachel Maddow and on the Alexa news brief it says 8 out of 10 want this lockdown to continue, not sure where those statistics are coming from?  This household is over it.  Proceed with caution, absolutely.  I still contend that when it’s your time to go you’ll never see it coming.   Similar to my theory as we were going through check points in Egypt to Luxor thinking statistically, I’m still more likely to be murdered by a family member.   Rumor has it Kim Jung Un is dead in his 30’s, not COVID related.

We need to live, not live to fear death, it’s time.

It’s a beautiful day here, went for a walk in the marina in Emeryville.  People were out, most were wearing masks (a law since Wednesday).  The pic is of my walk looking towards the Emerald City of San Francisco just with my iPhone.

Just want to mention all the waste from all this after venturing past the square mile around my house.  Yesterday getting on the onramp for the freeway there were a ton of blue disposable gloves on the side of the onramp with quite a bit of litter gathering on the side of the freeways too.  Since this is kind of a historical document for my kids & future grandkids more than anything else, thought I’d put that in my notes about all of this insanity.

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