Day 42: Dreaming & planning

The original goal to get me through this was the Bisbee stair climb in Oct. to see my family.  I’ve spent this whole shelter in place time training for that, until last week when my back went out.  It’s OK, still planning it – it just might be a slow walk with a lot of advil involved.

Now it’s IFR training (instrument rating) for flying, mostly just to cut through fog when I fly to LA.  I have no desire to fly in bad weather.

Booked the plane for mothers day to fly down and going back & forth on it.  Am I a carrier, will I expose her, blah, blah.  Just have to see how it goes beforehand and can make a last minute decision too.  Funny how I’m more afraid to spread this than to fly an airplane?

Since there’s still no end in sight in the Bay Area, what I might do is just not write every day blogs anymore.  This was meant to be a 15 day countdown, not a daily account of my every thought to bore people to tears.  Most of the time I just write travel/photography stuff on here.

Everyone stay safe, healthy, & mentally healthy.  This has been rough for us all!

Mt Shasta last year on my drive to Seattle…

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