Day 44: California has a plan!!

Getting a little worried that there was no plan until after the elections in November the way things are going  They alerted us that shelter in place was until the end of May now, then last night they laid out a plan in 4 stages.  I’ll admit to completely freaking out when they said the end of May!

When I say things like that, it’s not about me personally, I’m thinking about what a complete mess this fallout is going to be of collateral damage.   That seems pretty obvious, we won’t know until we get there.

Did a few rusty take off/landings yesterday to keep current, now just have to watch the weather for fog in LA when I fly down for Mother’s Day to finally see my mom.  First we flew to Modesto, where the world seemed normal.  In the Bay Area if you’re not wearing a mask (a law since last week) you get mask shamed.  Not a mask in sight in Modesto besides me rolling in.

Factoring all this info in for my decision to see my mom too.  For one, I need to lay low after flying yesterday in case I somehow exposed myself which is a totally odd thought.  Haven’t been in a crowded store or anyone besides family for at least 40+ days.

My last attempt to see her was to drive through and pick up my son from New Mexico.  I called Kaiser to try and get tested to be safe staying at my mom’s and then my uncle’s houses.  After about a half hour on hold, I gave up and went to plan B, which was my H driving out there for a drive by to pick him up without even stopping to pee in New Mexico.

That’s still my #1 concern, exposing my mom who has been in isolation this whole time.

In other exciting FB news, I posted my frustration when the news first said May 31st and got all these comments.  There were two I looked into since I’m limiting my news, the Sweden herd immunity and this Bill Maher interview:


These seem closer to what will probably happen than anything else, they’re just gearing the hospitals up for the first wave.  The shelter in place right now is just postponing it, we might just all get it regardless.

The other comments were thinking they were informing everyone of things we’ve all heard OVER & OVER on a daily basis.  Thanks for the day #1 info on stuff I heard the second I got off that plane into LAX from Mexico 2 months ago.

Today I went with my lysol wipes to go disinfect the plane from everything I touched.  On the way there were drivers with their masks on when they were the only ones in the car, kinda odd?  It’s one extreme or the other, either we’re all going to die or there’s not a care in the world.  My view is I’m definitely proceeding with caution and comply with the mask stuff, but I’m not going to be completely paranoid either.

My CFI (certified flight instructor) is only 21 and was sent home after getting a job with the airlines a few months ago while training.  He asked me about the future, and I said, “It will all go back to normal one day.”  He said, “Are you just saying that?”  I had to think about that for a moment, am I?  No, I truly believe if humans have the ability to do anything it’s bounce back.  Nothing gets done without adversity.

Pic is flying over San Jose International Airport with no commercial traffic.

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