Day 48: Do I see my mom for Mother’s Day?

One more week, some tough decisions to make.  Gearing up to fly myself down in a small plane to L.A. on Friday for Mother’s Day weekend with my 83 year old mom who I haven’t seen since this all started, she’s been in isolation this whole time.  She’s already survived her 1st cousins on her dad’s side, and some on her mom’s (she’s the oldest on that side).

She’s doing well though, so do I wait for all this to simmer down or do I go for a holiday weekend?  You know what would solve all this??  TESTING!!  I’m so angry that I can’t get a test to make sure I’m not bringing the party to my mom who has been so careful this whole time and has COPD.

When this all started, I thought for sure we’d have testing by now to see our parents at the very least.  Nope, doesn’t seem like it’s even on the agenda STILL.  It’s ring around elections here in the U.S..

I’ve been really careful though, haven’t seen anyone outside of family besides the other day flying and it will be 14 days since then when I see her.

Here’s how I feel about this, if it were me, I wouldn’t want to be alone.  She’s super social, that’s all gone now.  We’ve been doing her bucket list items whenever I’m down, last year was the Santa Monica pier ferris wheel.  She doesn’t travel anymore, besides to her hometown, and only if my brother or I go with her.  Her hometown has zero cases, I wish she’d just go there and stay at her now empty parents house.  Then would we be bringing it there?  And I REALLY don’t want her brother to be her caregiver, he was the caregiver for my grandma and her sister when that all went down.  He’s 10 years younger, he’s more like an older brother to me.

My uncle says no, she should stay isolated.  Then talking to my mom she’s REALLY lonely and says she’s having more memory loss than ever.  Ugh, it’s a tough decision.  We talk every day.  Spend the rest of your life in isolation and accidentally light your house on fire, or take her chances on me coming down.  Lately, every time I go down I assess her situation.  Assisted living…OUT!  A nurse that stops by….OUT!!

That kind of makes my decision for me, I’ll go down.  Depending on weather, it might end up being a drive.  I had a room here ready for her when the time came, that is now occupied by my son.  What I hate about all this is it’s at the expense of people who have medical problems that are being overlooked right now.  Unless you have COVID, you can forget about medical care.

The masks finally came in from Zazzle, there’s just no way to make a mask look good!!  The orders took about a month to come, still waiting on my yoga mat 🙂

Click on the lifeguard tower for some of the masks from some of my pics.   These beaches are closed now, everyone’s going a little nuts about it.  Kind of seems like we have bigger fish to fry, but OK.



2 thoughts on “Day 48: Do I see my mom for Mother’s Day?

  1. I think if you’re safe about it there’s no reason you can’t see your mom. For instance, I went to see my Sister in Law and she’s immuno compromised. We put lawn chairs on opposite sides of the driveway. It seems silly, but it was nice to just chillax and chat.

    1. Thanks! I’ll be as safe as could be, I’m going to have to stay there though for a few nights. I might just bring her up here to ride this out, her memory is really bad lately. Without relying on traditional health care anymore, going to have to wing it.

      Be glad you’re in Canada!! The U.S. isn’t going to be the one that solves any of this.

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