Day 50: In L.A., @ my mom’s

Perfect flying day, it was now or never to fly down to L.A. solo.  I kept checking the forecast for Friday and it kept switching up on me from sunny to cloudy.  This beach fog is impossible to time, it’ll be a few sunny days and then fog forevermore.  It’s easier to visually time it on the way out, so not taking any weather chances, I went for it.

It’s a 2.5 hour flight or a 6 to 7 hour drive (bathroom stops).  Sanitizer & mask in hand when I landed to get to my mom’s car.  I’ve done this many times with pilot friends, very familiar with landmarks in L.A. so not much could have gone wrong besides weather.

There’s a section where you fly right over LAX tuned into a special flight rules frequency where you’re not talking to ATC (air traffic control) and jamming up their frequencies.  After they booted us the other day from flight following with ATC cutbacks, thought that would be the easiest way to go.

Popping up over the Grapevine I climbed to 9,500′ & when I was at Pyramid Lake I descended to Santa Monica at an easy 500 FPM.  On the other side of the special flight rules frequency over LAX, I then tuned into Torrance and easily landed.  I feel more confident every time I do it, now I just feel a lot better about it too going solo.

I’m happy that my mom is finally not alone.  It’s weird for me because I’m NEVER alone anymore, even the dog follows me from room to room.  She’s been completely isolated for almost 2 mos now.  I mulled over the risks heavily, considering only people like Beyonce’s family can get tested to see their moms for mother’s day and it’s likely I won’t be tested for another month.  I really haven’t been around anyone besides family, I’ve had no symptoms.  No crowded stores, not much besides walks around the ‘hood.

Then it came down to her decision, she did not want to be alone anymore.  My childhood friends have been helping a ton, still, that wears thin after awhile.  Even while I drove her car, fully masked and sanitized, she told me she’s not worried about it.  I haven’t hugged her, we’re talking about options until this is over.

She & I are on the same page when it comes to things like this, she’s kind of “whatever happens, happens.”  I feel the same way.  It’s just odd that risking everyone’s life has come down to opening a door or breathing instead of flying or driving down 400 miles?  Gotta put some things in perspective.

The most dangerous part of my trip was going to put a letter in the box at the post office on the way to the airport.  Slipped it in, then as I was about to make my left this woman in the right turning lane decided she wanted to go straight after all and she ran the stop sign to go over 3 lanes – almost smashing right into my drivers side if I hadn’t quickly seen her.  People are becoming really inconsiderate/lame drivers.

We tried for Cinco de Mayo tacos and that didn’t work out as planned.  I must have called 10 different places around here and got a busy signal at every one.  We’ll have to taco another day, add hoarding tacos to the list of 2020.


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