Day 54: Mom’s OK

My mom is fine, we got out a little just to get her out of the house she’s been locked into for the past 2 mos. with this squirrel as her BFF.  The grocery stores have calmed down, the beaches are still all closed.  It was Cinco de Mayo when I flew down there, was not prepared with taco orders!  I must have called 5 or 6 restaurants, all busy signals, tacos had to wait.

We got out to 2 stores, one was a CVS to pick up her prescription.  Then we took a little drive to Palos Verdes that overlooks the whole South Bay up to Malibu.  So mad at myself, I brought my camera and my film card was still in the computer or I’d post some cool shots.  We dreamed, she showed me her favorite PV house that I had never seen before.

My mom is not materialistic or into cars AT ALL.  She bought a ’92 Camry my MIL bought new and sold it to my mom.  That’s the car we drive down there, which means in L.A. you’re the pizza delivery guy and will be run off the road as such.  I must have had 3 Range Rovers try to run me off the road as a peon.  The same happens with my Hyundai electric, which I absolutely love.

Besides the awkward wearing of masks in stores, it was like a normal day without being able to go to lunch on the water.  All the parking lots were closed off all up and down the beaches.  It looked like people were still finding a way to enjoy the view even if outdoor activities are off limits.  Stay home, save lives signs everywhere.  I just want to revolt and say “Go out!! Live life!!”  Supposedly the L.A. beaches open next weekend, only if everyone stays on their best behavior or it will be quickly closed again.  Stay home!!

The forecast for flying back up Monday looked grim, I flew back yesterday instead.  My mom drove me to Torrance where I took off after the fog (take that Range Rovers!!).  I’m a wimp if I see a forecast coming that looks like rain on the day I’m supposed to leave.  It’s a bummer I missed mothers day down there, but it felt good about her when I left.  Plus I needed to hop that Grapevine before it got too hot and bumpy.

It was perfect timing, no bumps or fog and got in before it was super hot here.  Came home to a full house here, so weird when my mom has been in solitude this whole time.  I could use some solitude, not sure when/if that will ever happen?

Just when I think things are getting to be a little normal I logged onto FB this morning to see the World Deaf Golf Championships are postponed until 2022 🙁  Not sure if that means my son will have to qualify again or not?  I’m sure this seems trivial to most, it was really important to him to make that team and gave him some hope for becoming a pro.

The fallout from all of this is going to be awful 🙁  We’re all being asked not to live life, have friends, travel.  First for a few weeks and now indefinitely.  I’m OK wearing a mask in a store, not a big deal.  It’s the rest that is really getting to me.

This is Pollywog Park in Manhattan Beach, just opened with signs all over the place.  At one time this was just the storm run off and is a flood zone below my middle school.  We’d all crawl through the fence to do our dastardly deeds we thought no other teen did, like smoke pot or ride bikes down a big dirt hill.  Now it’s a nice park with reminders that the world is not the same.

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This is the ballpark on the other side of the park.  My memories are in that top part announcing the games, I’m a few years older than the first girls who were allowed to play little league.  Went to many games for my brother, worked that snack shack too.  It’s really hard to have it be Spring with empty ballparks, when my boys were little it was so nice to crawl out of Winter to get to their ball games.

Flying home  over my favorite pit stop, Harris Ranch.  Last year, coming in, a car spun out in front of me and just missed me head on.  I sat in the restaurant, then decided I was done driving for the day so I stayed in that hotel and swam in that pool.  Who knows when we’ll ever be able to stay in a hotel or swim in a shared pool again?


The best news was it was fairly easy to get back & forth from L.A. in just a few hours door to door.  It’s one of the reasons I got my license, as much as I love that Harris Ranch stop (which I can still do, that’s a runway by I-5) that drive is brutal all the time.

Going to try and do something “normal” every day so I don’t feel so trapped.

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