Day 58: NOT time to travel yet!!

Because my flight to L.A. went so well, door to door to see my mom without interacting with anyone, after Mothers Day I really needed some personal isolation.  There are a few places that are my favs for just hanging out and long walks, Monterey is a place I come quite a few times a year for that.

There was a great rate on a place I love to stay down here with no enclosed hallways.  The rooms are beautiful and big, like mini suites.  Besides being incredibly creeped out by the empty streets, thought once I got to my room all cozy it would be good.  About 10p there was a knock on the door, with people seemingly walking down the halls dropping bowling balls or something?

I’ve had this happen before, once in Las Vegas where a drunk tour group forgot their room number and another time when I went to San Francisco for a much needed mom break when the kids were little.  Of course, there’s NO WAY I answer the door!

11p, another knocking so I called the hotel clerk who said it might be kids going to the wrong room.  Umm, yeah, or someone trying to rob me perhaps??  She said she’d check it out, only she didn’t and they were knocking again and a woman said, “Hello?”  I called the clerk again, now it’s midnight and she came up to say “all good!”  She called my room, said there was no one in the halls and that I must be mistaking it for another room…I wasn’t.  After one more small tap (just to see if maybe I’ll answer?) I gave up and figured I’d just have to call the police if it kept up.

Then there was comings and goings in the room next door, first I heard a woman bawling before they went out to the balcony and smoked pot.  May I add that she’s hacking away??  This is about 1am now, a guy stopped by and there was more crying.  I felt like I was in a really nice crack house??  No wonder why the rates are so good!!

Finally I slept, only because I didn’t make a peep when they were knocking at my door so there’s no reason for them to believe anyone was even in here.  Are they housing the homeless here??  It didn’t seem like it, I saw some people walking around and they didn’t look sketchy.

After hearing doors slam this morning, I snuck out to have a chat with the GM who said it was actually 2 rooms of them and that they were leaving today.  No wonder they were going back and forth all night, maybe they mistook my room as one of the rooms??  Or maybe they really did just want to rob me.

They’re gone…I came down here just to really have time to myself to study and think in a nice place I’m very familiar with.  I flew down here in January, what a difference between the two stays 🙁  Really breaks my heart, and scares me a little that the people moving about are coughing up a lung everywhere they go.

Nice to know that while we’ve all been sheltering in place, there are traveling, sick, druggie crews infiltrating the nicer hotels like White Walkers.

Good news/bad news for California…we’re slowly opening back up and it looks like testing is becoming available FINALLY!!  Maybe I can get tested before I go pick up my mom now to ride the rest of this out.  This will be my last trip for the year besides seeing family after last night.

Bad news (depending on how I look at it) is my 40th HS reunion is cancelled in October.  Still waiting to hear about the stair climb in October, I hope that’s not cancelled too.  That, and my niece won’t be returning to school in the Fall…the CSU will be closed for the year.  My nephew is a HS senior, what a year for my brother and his kids.

Before I start studying (stalling), they started making the clocks again on Zazzle.  Here’s my store, nothing like watching the clock tick through 2020.  The masks have been taking at least 4-6 weeks.


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