Day 60: Putting my big toe in the water

Empty Cannery Row pics & the fly by as profile pic

Besides the crazy hotel night where my neighbors were continually knocking on my door, starting at 10p and scaring the crap out of me, this has been a nice mini-trip.  Would I say it’s safe to travel?  I don’t know about commercial airline travel right now, that’s going to be awhile.  Monterey, CA is about 100 miles from home, it’s my perfect get away place.

Speaking of big toes, last time I was here I was on a running streak and ran the coastline for 3 miles.  My shoes were too tight, I got a black toenail from it that still hasn’t healed all the way.  In the amount of time it hasn’t healed the whole world has changed!

This town is tourism – Old California, Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck land.  I just love the coastline, it’s stunning.  There’s a bike path that goes along Cannery row to Lovers Point where I do my jog/walks/bike rides.  The hotels on Cannery Row are closed  until June (at least), and it made me wonder why this one was open?  The hotels that are closed are enclosed too, you have to walk into the lobby then take the elevators from there.  This one is downtown and not enclosed, maybe that’s the difference?

The waterfront hotels are closed, same with Lovers Point caution taped off.

Even so, to venture out for the first time post COVID (or in the middle of it) I wouldn’t pick an enclosed hotel anyway.  The reason being is not that I think everyone has it, but my experience down here with hearing two people hack away has me nervous that sick people are traveling.  I wrote on one blog that California had a long drought up until a few years ago.  When I’d travel back & forth to L.A. I noticed that on a few of my bathroom breaks people turned on all the facets??  There are signs in the central valley, denying that there was a drought.  It happened a few times, like a statement that there is no drought.  These sick people are making a statement.

It’s not a virus that’s so scary, it’s human nature that’s scary.  People are blatantly denying this as a gov’t conspiracy.  I lie somewhere in between, staying away from people and taking precautions.  I’m supporting local businesses that are still open, some of the restaurants I go to.  I bought sheets from Macy’s the last day it was open, there was hardly anybody in there.  Have yet to go to Costco or Trader Joe’s or even a crowded store with a line to get in.

Out and about, people are being considerate in general.  A few times a day there are ambulances that go by on pretty empty streets.  There was a group of I’d say young 20-somethings in front of a closed Starbucks standing 6′ apart and talking.  I heard them say it was so nice to be out with friends and not be isolated and depressed.  One of them said, “I know!  What is this feeling??  Is it happiness??”  These poor kids!!  Then the next block there was a man screaming at a woman for some infraction.  I never saw them, just could hear him yelling at her.

Try as I may to stay out of politics on this blog, the fact that Trump is now focusing on Obama is extremely disturbing (what hasn’t been with him?)  Why the Trump v everyone else stance?  Our leaders are NOT working together for a solution, which is really scary.

Before I head on out and back home for the rest of 2020, I mentioned California is getting tested…I’m wrong.  I just talked to someone who works at Kaiser and they are not being tested.  At first it was getting temps taken, now they have a scan at the building entrances for temps.  The reason being is that the antibody tests are unreliable, as well as good old test results.

False test results, NO leadership, prisoners out of jail, people out of work and Trump doing a re-direct to Obama…a 3rd grade tactic at best.

Don’t want to wrap this up on a bad note, the rest of 2020 will most likely be day trips for me.  I did find charger parking for my electric car and a loading zone to take out my paddle board or whatever else I want to bring down for the day.

My 2 attempts to get out the past few months, to L.A. and now Monterey, have been contactless.  I’m a little bit of a free spirit, but this experience let me know my wanderlust might have to wait until 2021 when hopefully we’ll have someone in office that is an adult.  IDK though?  Nothing has taken him out yet.  If anyone knows how to bankrupt a country, it’s Trump.


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