Day 65: So ends my COVID chapter blog

The Bay Area is opening up, we’ve been in it the longest.  A lot is still closed, gyms & salons are still closed.  Supposedly retail opens up for curbside only, which will be interesting.  Walnut Creek is kind of shopping central, we have a lot of high end shops here including a Neiman Marcus with a Tiffanys across the street.  They just re-did the whole mall, the fall out will be pretty significant here.

Because the Broadway Plaza area did so well, they built up the surrounding area with shopping that has never done well.  Huge parking structures with empty stores below, no idea how that’s going to rebound?  Not that it has anything to do with me personally, just an observation.

All in all, we kind of buckled down and dealt – I realize there might be a second wave, but I’ve been really cautious and it’s not like that won’t continue.  I haven’t been paranoid cautious though, I stay pretty calm.  The only major breakdown was Mother’s Day and of course the day my phone buzzed with the “extended to May 31st” alert when I thought we had one more week.

In the meantime, studying up for an instrument rating for flying as my goal/distraction.

Yesterday I dropped my son off at the golf course I used to work at, he grew up there.  The world deaf golf championship has been postponed that he qualified for, next week we were supposed to go to England for that.  He’s handled it well, he’s been practicing in our backyard then playing again when the golf course opened.  He shot par from the blacks for nine holes yesterday with no driver.  The deaf olympics are in Brazil next year and he might still qualify for that.

I spent 10 years of my life golfing or working up there, have barely touched a club since (mostly because of my back).  Same with volleyball, that was my life before kids and even after I had my first son I still played in some tourneys.  Don’t really miss either one?  I can’t move in the sand for VB anymore and it hurts my back to even watch a golf swing.   It’s cool my oldest played college VB and my youngest is still a golfer.

My COVID countdown is over – I’m breaking out of this for a new chapter after losing some weight, cutting my own hair, doing my nails and a total of maybe 3 NBD’s.  Plus my second Saturn is about to roll around, a time for life reflection that has mostly downloaded computer viruses when I google it.

Here’s a few clips from practicing piano for my zoom group today, disclaimer that these are hard pieces and there’s a reason I’m not a concert pianist.  There was no swearing involved (part of the song usually), so I’m getting better.  Big Elton John fan!

Your Song


Tiny Dancer…which still needs a ton more practice!!

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