Rain storms & riots

Really, the state of humanity is just taking a nose dive 🙁  The only way I’m keeping sane is by not watching news until the end of the day, then follow it up with Seinfeld reruns.  It’s my version of hiding under the covers until this is all over.

My friend J goes for his first bout of chemo on Monday, today his huge family and neighbors got together with signs outside of his house in a social distancing parade.  I saw it on Instagram, he is well loved and it was so nice to see this.

I called my H and son, they headed back to New Mexico, and told him about how touching that was to see in all this chaos.  Then I said, “Isn’t it interesting that the best part of my day is seeing those pictures cheering on my friend who has cancer?”  Heartbroken.

Heartbroken for everything that’s happening, I couldn’t even watch the George Floyd video – it’s horrifying.

I really don’t even know what else to write?  With that, I might end this blog altogether since I’m finding I have nothing good to say.


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