It gets worse!!

Today we should be in a state of lifting restrictions, possibly sitting on a bench in public? Personally, I was gearing up to give good vibes to my friend on his first day of chemo.  Now I’m f’ing petrified!!

I don’t watch TV or news during the day, part of that is for my own sanity.  The news the night before was Emeryville, San Francisco & Oakland being looted.  I went to the local Safeway to get sandwich stuff for today for the beginning of some kind of freedom.  Dropped off the groceries at the house then decided to do a drive through at The Habit for a hamburger for dinner.  It was around 5pm, downtown Walnut Creek.

There were cars parking in the lot, full of 20-somethings gathering.  Across the street is the supposedly empty parking lot for Broadway Plaza stores, I looked over (like a sitting duck) and saw cars screeching out of the parking lot…not good.  As I left, another group pulled up into the Habit’s lot and I told the employee’s to stay safe.

I called my H and said the climate in WC was NOT good.  Sure enough, I was a block away from looting & shooting, just what Trump promoted.  Really fuck Twitter & FB & all the social media that promotes this.  I went to my son’s house, staying there this week.

We should all be protesting George Floyd’s death and if anything, protesting these social media platforms that allow people to incite it the riots.  I don’t have social media on my phone, had no idea what was going on and went right into it.

The US is a total shit show…

I was @ the far end of this street.

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