I Gotta calm down

Another freakish night/morning.  Spent the day clearing piles of dry grass in case of people coming from downtown Walnut Creek & use it as a fire starter before I went back to my son’s house.  He doesn’t have cable, we couldn’t see the local news just stuff on Twitter and FB.  It looked like Walnut Creek had a peaceful demonstration last night, until they decided to go on the freeway where they were stopped and sent home for curfew.

My home camera was set up, I’m probably on higher edge than most because I was sitting right there when the kids showed up while I was waiting for my burger.  I did not see ONE protest sign!  It was an organized event, exclusively to loot, of all races.  Kathy Griffin did a tweet blaming WC kids, thanks for the celeb commentary.  My friends were on the freeway coming back from Oakland at the same time with cars going over 100mph racing to Walnut Creek.  Last night was an actual protest.

This morning I looked at the tweets for Walnut Creek to see what happened after I fell asleep and there was a tweet about a fire at our office building.  I woke up the house yelling, “Fuck!!”  Called my H, he was staying calmer than I was.  Hopped in my clothes to drive by…nothing.  All the downtown businesses were boarded up in anticipation, no sign of a fire department even being there?  It was a fake tweet.

That’s what happens when you’re getting your news from social media when your son doesn’t have cable for local news.

This is all so shocking, it finally occurred to me that the looting in Oakland in the past have been protests that got out of hand.  The other night was not that, it was a well organized social media event to target our town and it’s happening everywhere.  Why the fake fire tweet specifically at our office?  I haven’t been replying to any tweets, no one would know I’m reading these tweets?

All I have is questions…in the meantime I’m telling my friends how to drive out of WC to get home from J’s first chemo treatment downtown.

Social media got Trump elected, caused this, at this point I don’t see any value to it whatsoever.

This made me laugh though, & boy have I needed a good laugh.  Total anarchy @ my house…



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