The freeways here are still blocked off for the on/off ramps to Walnut Creek after the past few nights here, I’ve stayed home after staying at my son’s house.  I spent most of yesterday on the phone, which is good & bad.  It was nice to chat with people, at the same time it put me on a higher alert.  My other son’s neighbor wants me to go to New Mexico, where they have taken measures to put COVID in control…and people there are NICE.

My friend, M, is a black woman from Trinidad.  She came to the U.S. as a teen, her dad lived in Boston.  Her daughter lives in Germany and was saying the world is looking at the U.S. in shock, her daughter wants her to sit this out in Germany.  M tends to take things up a notch, but she’s really been my only friend here since our kids were little.  We’ve meet up every few weeks for walks/bike rides/lunch to solve the world problems for almost 30 years.  We thought Bush was bad after 9/11!!

By “Sit this out,” I don’t mean the protests or COVID…I mean Trump.  If he’s re-elected we’re heading towards a civil war.  Make no mistake, he’s backed by these groups that are pushing for that.  How else can we have this happen in 2020??  I was  pregnant with my oldest, living in Oakland, when Rodney King was beaten almost 30 years ago.  I was also substitute teaching in a very poor area in West Pittsburg (now Bay Point) at a middle school.  I had the kids write letters to the White House, like I did for the Vietnam war as a kid and still have Nixon’s reply.  I cried reading those letters before I sent them off, these kids go through hell!  The best part of their day was school (now taken away from them with COVID).  One girl wrote about her neighbor killing his wife, it was awful.

That Trump bible photo-op made me sick, let alone how he got the path cleared to get there.  But I give, he has not been ousted from office and that should scare the shit out of all of us.

My hometown of Manhattan Beach is making me sick too, they had a peaceful protest at the beaches (good for them) and now they can go back to storming the beaches for their right to surf and play volleyball.  They know what it’s like to have social injustice, they’d try to surf and were told no by cops…said, “Fuck you” and got a $1,000 ticket.  They feel the pain of police brutality brother.

Not sure what happened in Walnut Creek last night?  The last few nights have been a little hectic.  Yes, it’s predominantly a white area, but it’s also got 2 big hospitals and a huge retirement community plus shopping central with high end shops.  Contra Costa has been in shelter in place the longest, with all this I don’t even know if we’re out of it?  They had to close all the stores downtown, including grocery stores, the past few days.  We’re on an 8p curfew, which doesn’t affect me personally because I’ve been locked up in my house anyway.

The timing couldn’t have been worse, the whole Bay Area has been looking forward to getting our lives back.  There’s TP on the shelves again, we’re all wearing masks.

But then again, if this gets us out of the 60’s and into 2020, then it’s a good thing.  If it’s Trump standing with his bible, winking at the devil, then we’re all frigg’in doomed.

With that, my wordpress subscription is up in a few weeks which might end this blog.  I posted the black screen on insta for #blackouttuesday and got a PM from a niece in-law saying I had the wrong hashtag and telling me what to hashtag.  Then another note saying she was wrong, I needed to change it to something else.  By that time it was Wednesday, and I’m no influencer.  Kids think we’re ignorant, this is THEIR cause (and by kid, she’s 30).

It’s OK though, I’ve got bigger fish to fry.  My friend with cancer is not doing well, my 1st cousin just became a grandpa, my nephew is class of 2020.  I’m too old to battle social injustice, if I didn’t watch the news or wait in line for my burger to see that go down I might not know?

I’ll say this in my older age, social media has not been a friend to us and has incited this too.  Twitter and FB should just be taken down, they are just as much to blame for Trump in office and this looting as anything else.

For this election at least, my vote still counts…



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