Day in Manteca

Confession, even though I grew up in a SoCal beach town, my family is a bunch of cowboys.  We spent a lot of our childhood in Arizona, near the border of Mexico.  My brother is right wing, NRA, 2nd amendment.  We don’t talk politics at all, most of the time we talk about what we’re going to do with my mom.

With all the chaos here while my H was out of town, my brother suggested I go get a revolver.  My oldest agreed, he thinks we’d all be safer.  In general, I’m anti-gun and there is not one time I’ve thought, “I need a gun.”  My H is anti-gun too and isn’t keen on this…but he wasn’t here.

Because of the looting in our county and COVID restrictions, they put a hold on gun sales here so I went on a little field trip out to Manteca Pro Bass shop.  That turned out to be a 3.5 hour ordeal, which I kind of anticipated.  California has the toughest gun laws, you take a safety test that’s 30 questions (the study guide is here).  It was about an hour in line, mostly because the store was so inefficient with it.  There’s no one monitoring either, the guy who took cuts in front of me was reading the questions to the other guy while he gave him the answers, it was blatantly obvious.

I definitely stood out being the older, suburban mom who has no business in Manteca.  There were these other 2 guys who had come out from Concord for the same reasons.  After the test, you can then sign up to purchase with 2 forms of ID with your address.  One can be a yearly fishing pass, I had a one day pass for tomorrow that didn’t count so I had to head back out to my car for my car registration.  When I got back, there was no employee to take your name.   I asked a few employees who walked by, not their job to write down a name for the waiting list!  About a half hour later, someone finally came over who was qualified.  I txt’d my H, “I’m in Applebee’s land.”

Then the wait to go to the counter.  That was about 15 minutes, not too long.  I got something small, deciding between 2 but the guy in front of me snagged the one I wanted.  No matter, it’s all relative since I know nothing.  I should have researched a little before I went in so I had a better idea.  You can only buy one every 30 days, and once you purchase you have to wait 10 days to pick up after the background check.  That’s how honest people get a gun anyway.

When I go back out I’ll bring my son to do all of this to get him all legal.  It’s never even occurred to me to ever do this, but if they’re going to de-fund police does that mean we’re on our own?  Those of us who are not in that world of the mean streets of Manhattan Beach or Walnut Creek are at a loss 🙁  That looting was an example of anything can happen (again) to turn your world upside down in minutes, then the threat to go into neighborhoods.  What I didn’t know is that our neighborhoods were blocked off by a couple of residents that took shifts those few nights.  I went to my son’s house, I got out right away.

Absolutely the police need an overhaul, they also risk their lives every day.  2 police have been killed, kind of for the heck of it, in Santa Cruz and Paso Robles the last few days.

Oh, then there’s still COVID.  Most of the people in Manteca were mask-less but standing 6′ away from each other.

While I was sitting there I was reminded of my grandpa’s sister, Aunt Rose.  She owned a ranch in Tombstone, AZ and would greet people with a shotgun down her driveway.  Good to know we’re going back to the late 1800’s/early 1900’s.

This week has been a little more mellow, besides preparing for whatever the hell is going to happen next.  Still working on IFR, that’s going pretty well.  Did an instrument approach into Half Moon Bay the other day, today trained in Sacramento and Rio Vista.  It’s helping me keep my mind off of reality.

It’s 2020 and we still deal with racial injustice, how civilized are we really?  At the same time, defunding police with an all out war on them is right out of Game of Thrones…it’s medieval.  But this is where we are, if Trump is re-elected this is where we’ll stay.  Not to blame him for everything, he certainly brought this part to the table with his cronies.  At least he’s made the NRA happy, I felt forced to do this.


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