Salmon Fishing – Almost normal

Things are slowly opening up in the Bay Area, everyone is wearing masks here that I’ve seen.  The fishing trip was a Christmas present from my H and was the first to close.  They were supposed to open up June 1st, I was all packed up and just grabbing a burger the night before when the looting started.  I called to cancel, it was cancelled anyway with no way to get in and out of Emeryville.  The Best Buy & Target there were some of the first hit.

The stores are still boarded up, otherwise things are back to whatever normal is.

Ouch on the 4:15a wake up to get out there by 5:30a, something I did for 10 years working at the golf course and rowing.  Thought I’d never see a “4” and an “a” ever again if I could help it.  This was through Fish Emeryville, they just opened up again last week.

Going to just post a few iPhone pics, it was just really nice to get out with no cell phone coverage or news and have the guys help me out on my first big salmon catches.  I reeled them in, they did all the dirty work.  As usual, I was the only woman on the boat.

After months of having the rug ripped out from under the world, this was so refreshing! I’ll never recognize the guys on the boat again with our masks & sunglasses on, it was the first great day I’ve had in awhile.

When I got home, I hosed down my waterproof gear and hopped in a vanilla/lavendar bath.  Salmon for dinner for the rest of the month!!  No pics of me with the fish, I looked horrible.

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