Makeshift Summer

Since 2020 is basically cancelled, trying to plan without any real plans.  I had made plans with 2 other pilots to go to New Mexico for a few days and see my son, one had gone to New Mexico State (NMSU) and both are peers of my son.  They are just too busy, one is a CFI and the other one flies a family or their friends regularly to their various vacation houses.

I didn’t want to fly it alone, they’re commercial pilots and I just don’t want to fly 6 hours solo in heat or possible thunderstorms through Arizona and New Mexico.  Then thought I’d head to my mom’s in LA, foggy all week and I’m still not instrument rated (IFR).  My mom’s is not much of a vacation for me, it’s 24/7 tech support.

The big summer plan seems to be getting IFR and sailing to Benicia solo for the 4th.  My H is going to drive to New Mexico and stay with our son for the 4th and get him on track.  Our son is still trying to golf, or start a golf club repair business out there.  His big thing is doing a vision quest, which is probably what my solo sailing adventure is going to be.

Things are still odd here, my walks to lunch are almost “normal.”  I can sit outside to eat without being shamed, grab my latte for the walk home.  There are still protesters, which is good without the looting.  I have noticed a rise in muscle cars with no mufflers downtown, tailgating everyone.  This whole thing has been bizarre, from stay home to marching the streets en mass (not to mention Trump’s indoor COVID-fests).  We went from paranoid to the other extreme of totally careless.

I’ve still been really cautious, just a few other people outside of family.  The vacation toys I ordered for Memorial Day are finally getting here this week, a new fold up kayak.  Thank god I have a floating vacation home or I don’t know what I’d do?  The other good thing about it is that I don’t get any news when I’m on the boat.

Just kind of rambling today, haven’t posted anything for over a week since I’ve been mostly studying and SWIMMING!!  YAY!!  Things are looking up, in a very odd way.

I never do this, but if you click the link below you get 10% off of one of these.  My little sales attempts on this blog have backfired on me.  The masks took months, and I was non-stop customer service for the $5 I made off of them.  Still, I’m pretty excited about this since it’s 30 lbs & I can lift it with my back & be on the water somehow.  Especially since I doubt the places I go will have rentals this year, sometimes it’s easier to just rent this stuff than lug it around.


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